AS/400 Technical Notes

Information Sources on the Internet

A presentation made by S.Way in late 1998. Contains some useful websites and other information



Overlay Printing with AFP

Using the IBM AFP driver for overlays. A presentation made by S.Way in late 1999.



Publishing AS/400 data using cgi

How to use ILE RPG to publish AS/400 data on a web site. A presentation made by S.Way in 1999.

An Open Source AS/400?

A speculation on the growing AS/400 open source community, and how it may develop. A presentation made by S.Way in April 2000.



SMTP for AS/400

A presentation covering how to set up the AS/400 for SMTP e-mail

SMTP Source Code

Source Code Samples for SMTP use

Quick SMTP

Quick step - by - step guide of how we configured one our AS/400s for SMTP email

Please note, these presentations are still under construction, and require some surrounding narrative to make then into useful tools. They do, however, contain some useful information. Any hints, tips or code samples are for use at the users risk, and no guarantee is implied. The author accepts no liability for any failures or errors as the result of using anything on these pages.

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